Can Mints Really Prevent Tooth Decay?

by Ayush Dugar on Jun 24, 2022

Dentists talk about sugar-free mints ALOT  - in a good way. Mints are the MVP when it comes to eliminating bad breath. You feel confident in your every move when your breath is smelling pleasant. Mints also hydrate the mouth, cleanse your palate, and taste awesome. But that’s not all. When it comes to oral care, mints top the charts here too. Breath mints can prevent tooth decay and here’s all you need to know about it.


Tooth decay - why it occurs?

A diet-related issue, tooth decay occurs when food remains on your teeth after you eat it. All foods get reduced to either sugar or starch. The bacteria in the mouth start digesting the sugar. The result is an acid that damages the tooth enamel. It then attacks the inner layers of the tooth.

Tooth decay is caused by a combination of factors. Such as - dry mouth, bacteria in the mouth, sugary drinks and candies, not cleaning the teeth well. Sugar-free mints help counter or reverse the conditions that cause tooth decay.


Why mints help prevent tooth decay

Sugar-free mints help either counter or curb the factors that cause tooth decay.

Mints cleanse your palate and contribute to general oral hygiene. Certain foods have a strong aftertaste. It can be difficult to remove the same just by sipping on water. Here, breath mints deodorize the mouth and give a cool fresh feeling along with a pleasant breath.

Mints help curb a dry mouth. Mints stimulate the secretion of saliva. This helps counter any leftover food, acid, and plague to stay on the teeth. Saliva helps rinse any food particles and plaque left on the teeth. It also helps neutralize the acid in the mouth. Thus, maintaining the pH level and general oral health.

Sometimes, you may not have water on you when you are snacking on the go. With snacks such as gummies, toffees, popcorn, seeds, etc. . It can be really hard to get rid of the debris that’s left over in your mouth. Here sugar-free mints save the day. Mints stimulate saliva secretion. The saliva in turn removes the debris and aids in rinsing the mouth.

A dessert after a meal, yes, please! We all love closing our meals with a delicious dessert. Don’t we? While it is rewarding to enjoy your favourite dessert from time to time. It is also important to clean your teeth afterward. If in case you’re not willing to sip on water and let go of the sweet aftertaste, pop a mint, guilt-free!


In essence, sugar-free mints help curb or counter the conditions in your mouth that lead to tooth decay. When you have mints on you, you do not have to think twice before indulging in your favorite meals. Sugar-free breath Mints contribute to your oral health. When you have mints on you, you feel confident in your every move.