Mint and smoking

by Ayush Dugar on Jun 10, 2022

Smoking is one of those things  you either love or hate. If you’re one of those who loves smoking but is trying to quit, well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Quitting anything you love can be extremely draining, physically and emotionally. Especially habits such as smoking where the withdrawals can make you feel like you’re falling sick. The good part is that you will have one less vice and the bad part is that you will struggle. Cravings are one of the biggest reasons why people can’t quit eating habits or smoking/drinking. Only if there was something to replace this craving, wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Well, it may not be a vaccine but it’s close enough, mints! Mints can be very useful during the process of quitting due to several reasons. The average time it takes for a cigarette to burn is 6 minutes and the average time to eat a couple of mints is about the same. When you crave a smoke, have a mint. Your mouth will be preoccupied with sucking on the mints, secreting saliva, and since the craving usually lasts the same amount of time as the cigarette would, without even knowing, you would have successfully survived your craving! 

Research shows that certain foods trigger the craving for nicotine. Among other foods like caffeine, alcohol and spicy food, sugar is one of the enablers. Be sure to use sugar free mints if you’re trying to quit or it can probably have the opposite effect. Sugar free mints are easy to find at any supermarket or even online! The most important thing is to keep your mind distracted and hands and mouth busy. Many people who have successfully quit have sworn by mints being a key reason for their success. 

Whatever you may be trying to quit, it’s super important to stay distracted. If you’re someone who can lose focus easily, channel your talents here and simply pop a mint! Or if you’re someone whose focus is unwavering, shift your focus to consuming mints (in appropriate amounts). Of course, you can’t quit anything without the secret ingredient of willpower. It’s true when they say, “where there is a will, there is a way!” And we believe the way is to substitute your habit for something refreshing and distracting like mints. 

The bottom line is to distract your senses. The freshness mints have is undoubtedly incomparable but it also distracts your taste buds from wanting nicotine. It would help if you keep mints easily accessible to you so that it doesn’t become cumbersome to find them when the craving hits you. Remember to consume them in appropriate amounts as it may cause laxative effects. You do not want another problem coming your way! Alternatively, if you find yourself shifting your addiction and not your focus to mints, we advise you to consult an addiction specialist for help.